When the train stops…

The homie Dom Kennedy released a visual for his track “Locals Only” off his mixtape, From The Westside, With Love. I must admit this was one of my favorite songs off the project and the above visual made it even more of a favorite (especially with the added verse).

In the video, Dom is building a connection with a random woman he met on the train ride back home. You see the two connect instantly and you can get an idea through the visual laughing, touching, and etc. The two even exchanged numbers in hopes to build beyond the train ride. The turn in the plot comes when the train stops. The train stops, the un-board, and she goes about her way with her mate and Dom walks off on his way, seeming to be bother by the fact she has someone in her life.

I find this funny because it seems to be a scenario I’ve dealt with (without the train ride though). I’ve connected with women in my past and yet the connection only seemed to be a fad that both parties deeply enjoy only to part ways “when the train stopped”. It ironic that took a small visual like this video for me to take a walk back down memory lane and reminisce on all the times I was passed on when the train pulled into the station. Yet, like Dom, I continued on. Every no, diss, or turn down shaped and molded the current R.O.E. In no way, and I mean NO WAY, would I go back and turn certain NO’s to YES’s. I would however turn some YES’s to NO’s (but that’s a different blog entry).

Just thought I’d share what ran through my mind when I saw this video. Too in-depth? Ehh, oh well.

A Backpacker Named R.O.E.


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