Major changes made to the project.

Whats good Soulvillians,

Figured I’d take some time to give y’all the update on the new project.

First things first, the name has changed. It will no longer be called “Just Listen Vol. 2”. Instead, I decided to give it a title that incorporates my introduction to the world. The new project will be entitled “A Backpacker Named R.O.E”. Rock the is STILL apart of the project nonetheless.

Secondly, the project will not be a “mixtape”. I’ll view it more along the lines as a free EP or LP (depending on how many songs we select).

Finally, the new music is in the works. Production from J. Slikk, I Am Trumaine, Izzy the Kidd, Hennibrown, Nefarious, and myself of course. So stay tuned. The new single is taking a little longer than expected but godwillin, it’ll be worth the wait.



PS: I got something for the blogs. Stay tuned.


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  1. your posting is good, i’m interested your blog.

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