Moment of clarity.

Last night on twitter I was posting “#randomfactsaboutROE”.

One of my facts stated that I do things in 3’s (I eat 3 fries at one time, 3 ice cubes in my cup, 3 deodorant strokes etc).

So my homie girl Ree hit me up and asked me if I knew about supreme mathematics. I had no prior knowledge about numbers.

Well long story short, she did some stuff and came back and told me what my number was.

Yup that’s right, it was 3. I had no clue about this before last night.

For those who are familiar with supreme mathematics, the 3 is for Understanding. Understanding is what shows and proves the completion of knowledge and wisdom (man, woman, and child). Understanding is a clear mental comprehension. It is the Original Child, which is a star. The highest form of understanding is love, the bond between man and woman, or knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge plus Wisdom equals Understanding (1 + 2 = 3).

Now I know some of y’all are like how the hell did she get 3? Ask her on Twitter: @reeality

I took all she told me and I tried to see how it connected with my life. And for the most part it connected 1000%. I can go super in-depth but I figured I’d save that for another entry.

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