YNotMyDream presents “Beneath The Surface”

The fam over at YNotMyDream launched their debut compilation entitled, Beneath The Surface. It’s packed with a bunch of dope features from some of the hottest indie and undergrounds artists. Be sure to download it and check it out. See the tracklist after the jump.

YNotMyDream – Beneath The Surface


1. Drekidd – Black Out (Prod. Johnny Cash)
2. BK Cyph – Drawin’ The Line Freestyle
3. QuEST & Donny Goines – Let The Rain Fall (Remix) (Prod. Numonics)
4. PHZ-Sicks – Yerrdig! (Prod. Black Milk)
5. The Kid Daytona – Black Superhero (Prod. 6th Sense)
6. El Prez – Flo Jackson (Prod. Vision)
7. Thr33zy Mcfly – Gone In 60 Seconds
8. D.Julien – Ventilation (Prod. Buzz)
9. Mike Dreams Feat. Christina Fisher – We Going Worldwide
10. Volition – Check The Style (Prod. Thelonious)
11. K. Sparks Feat. The MAD Poet – Smooth Thoughts
12. Love Jones a.k.a. Mike Schpitz – Same Song (Prod. Lord Quest)
13. Brown Bag Allstars – Brooklyn Queens Expressway (Prod. Marink)
14. Cymarshall Law – Officer Ricky Freestyle
15. West Restless Feat. Skipp Whitman, & Lo Tec – The Race
16. Anton Genius – Not An Amateur
17. J. Lately Supposed To Be (Prod. Jansport J)
18. Add-2 Feat. Franco De Leon – How Can I
19. The ILLZ – Faded
20. XV – Written In The Stars (Prod. Charlie Hilton)


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